Conveyancing (Property)

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We have a conveyancing department who helps people like you in property transactions. We do not normally act for developers, and we appear on an “ad hoc” basis for certain banks. Many people understand that lawyers are a part of the property industry. Here is how our conveyancing department may be able to help you.

  • When purchasing or disposing of a property, you will require the services of a solicitor for the Sale and Purchase Agreement. This is the document that spells out the rights and duties of the parties to the transaction. For that reason, it is recommended for both the parties to retain separate lawyers to avoid conflict of interest.
  • During the course of a Sale and Purchase Agreement, the Vendor will usually need to seek for consent from the authorities to allow the sale to go through. The Purchaser, on the other hand, will need to seek funding from a banking institution, or pay in cash. He will require the services of a lawyer to handle the loan documentation.
  • Some people buy property to rent out. They will need a lawyer to draw up the Tenancy Agreement to spell out clearly the arrangements between the Landlord and his Tenant.
  • At times, Tenants turn out to be bad pay masters, and refuse or neglect to pay the rent despite repeated pleas from the Landlord. The proper way to get rid of the Tenant will be to seek a Distress Order through the court.
  • There may be problematic transactions, such as the case of an heir who wishes to dispose of his late father’s properties to a cash buyer. The skill of the law firm in handling such matters, do contribute to the time taken up and the approach taken.

Please Note

As with many other professions, we take pride in our work. We can carry on our noble profession when the fees are able to cover our costs. You may not know this, but our legal fees for non-contentious work (basically, work that does not involve court) are regulated by the Solicitors Remuneration Order 2005 (SRO 2005). The SRO is our guide in calculating legal fees for non-contentious work. Please do not be one of those who seek discounts at the expense of quality work.

Read more about the Solicitors Remuneration Order 2005



Sadly, it has become commonplace for society to expect discounts from law firms. We would like to bring your attention to Ruling 19.03 of the Bar Council, which regulates our profession. Following the said ruling, we wish to inform you as follows:

“Legal fees for property transactions such as sale & purchase, loan, banking facility and other non-contentious business governed by the Solicitors’ Remuneration Order are fixed by law and LAWYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PROVIDE DISCOUNT.”


[Yuran guaman bagi transaksi harta tanah seperti urusan jual-beli, pinjaman, kemudahan bank dan urusan lain yang tidak melibatkan perbalahan yang dikawal oleh Perintah Saraan Peguamcara adalah ditetapkan oleh undang-undang dan PEGUAM-PEGUAM TIDAK DIBENARKAN MEMBERI DISKAUN.]

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财产转让法 (财产问题)

我们有一个财产转让法的部门专门帮助客户处理财产问题,然而我们并不代表开发人员。此外关于银行事务,我们仅以 “特别指定” 的身份代表。那意味着, 我们还不是开发人员或银行的主要代表。许多人知道律师是房地产行业扮演很重要的角色。以下是几个我们的财产转让法部门可以帮助你的例子。

  • 当购买或处理产业时,你需要律师帮你做买卖合约。该合约得清楚地说明当事人的权利和责任。因此,我们建议双方聘用个别的律师以避免利益冲突。
  • 买卖协议的过程中,供应商通常需要有关当局同意其销售。而另一方面,购买者则需要通过一些金融机构凑备资金或是以现金付费。因此,购买者会需要律师服务以准备其贷款文件。
  • 有业主出租房子已赚取租金。因此,业主需要一位律师绘制出一份租约清楚说明业主与租客之间的协议以免争执。
  • 有些不怀好意的租客拒绝支付租金,尽管业主一而再再而三的请求。若业主要以正当的方式摆脱租客, 得向法庭申请法院秩序。
  • 有时, 你的交易有可能面临一些问题,如继承人可能会想要以现金买卖的方式来处理其已故父亲的产业。我们律师事务所会采用适宜的办法处理这些问题 。


与许多其他职业,我们引以自豪我们的工作。我们可以随身携带我们高尚的职业,但收费是能让我们支付我们的成本。你可能不知道这一点,我们的律师费(不包括上法庭的费用)受监管律师酬金条款2005。 律师酬金条款2005是我们计算律师费的工作。请不要在我们的费用上寻求折扣。

点击这里(链接 / SRO_2005)可以阅读更多有关于律师酬金条款2005。

可悲的是, 它已成为很平凡的社会期望从律师事务所得到折扣。我们想提醒你注意执政19.03 在律师公会调整我们的专业。以下的裁决,我们想告诉你 :


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