Commercial Law

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Doing Business? Need Legal Advice?

If you are doing business, you will know that things can go wrong even when the parties have good intentions. Sometimes goods and services cannot be delivered in time. At other times, there may be an honest misunderstanding. When commercial matters are involved, it is best to deal with the problem as early as possible.

Here are some areas where we may be able to help you.

  • Debt Recovery may be an option for companies that have sold goods but cannot recover payment for the goods sold and delivered. In many industries, it is common for distributors to give credit terms, but after the expiry of such credit period (e.g. 90 days), some clients refuse to pay.
  • Passing Off action arises when a business finds that its products or services are being imitated unlawfully by an authorized individual or entity. In the long term, unlawful imitation of a product or service may lead to loss of business by diverting away genuine clients of the victim. It may even lead to loss of reputation if the imitation product or service is of inferior quality.
  • We draft, peruse and comment on Commercial Contracts according to the customized needs of our clients. Agreements help to spell out the relationship between the parties. When things are clear, it becomes easy to work together for a long term arrangement. These type of Agreements are needed for Distributorship, Partnership, Franchising, Joint Ventures, and other types of arrangements.

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若您是从事生意, 您会发现任何交易都有可能出错即使双方并没有抱持着不好的用意。即货物与服务不能同时传送。此外,生意交谈中双方也可能会有一些误解。若你是牵涉于商业问题,请尽早解决该问题以避免不必要的麻烦。


  • 债务追讨适用于一些已把货物出售但还没或无法追收债务的公司。在许多行业, 信用证条款是非常普遍的。但有一些公司往往在超过了信用期限(例. 90天), 拒绝或无法偿还债务给供应商。
  • 假冒即是当公司发现其产品或服务被授权人或授权公司非法盗用。日积月累,非法盗用产品或服务很有可能会造成客户流失从而导致生意损失。除此之外,若该盗用产品使用的是不良品质,亦很有可能导致生意名声受损。
  • 关于您的商业合约,我们的律师事务所可依据客户的要求与需要草拟,细读以及给予最真诚的意见。清晰不含糊的合约有助于双方达到良好和更长远的生意关系。该合约适用于分销,合作,特许经营,合资企业,等等。

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