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Introduction in English

See all our services Our firm is versatile and we strive to give the best services to our clients. Our firm has more than two decades’ experience in the areas of conveyancing (property-related matters), criminal law, employment law, family law, business law, partnership and company law, Syariah law, and intellectual property law. Please feel free to seek a consultation at our office to find out more about the area of law that you are interested in. While we may not necessarily accept your case, we will certainly be able to provide you with sound legal advice. Please note that it is customary for us to charge a small fee for a consultation.

Please, If You Are Visiting Us….

If you are planning to drop by our office for a consultation, a second opinion, or simply to meet with our lawyers for a candid discussion, please bear in mind the following:

  • We will need to verify your identity, so please bring your I/C or passport or other identification papers that are of relevance.
  • We will need to see documents connected to the case, so please bring those as well, such as police report, court papers, etc (whatever may be relevant).
  • All information provided to us will remain private and confidential as privileged communications between solicitor and client.
  • We are not permitted to abet or aid you in committing a crime, including disposing of evidence or fabricating evidence.
  • However, we will provide you with competent and sound advice to enable you to make an informed decision.

If you have been wronged…

If you believe that you have been wronged and that your rights may have been infringed, you may like to seek advice as to what legal remedies are available to you. Do bear in mind the following:

  • Under the law, your cause of action will be time-barred under the Limitation Act after a certain period (as stipulated under the Limitation Act).
  • Even if your case has not been time-barred, a court may find that you have been “sleeping on your rights” and you are hence, guilty of laches (which jeopardizes your case).
  • Many witnesses will tend to forget important details over a prolonged course of time.
  • Many crucial evidences may be lost or corrupted if you do not obtain them or record them in the nick of time.
  • As the English proverb goes: A stitch in time saves nine. Immediate action will gain you traction.

On the other hand….

If you have been sued, or prosecuted, for some legal matter, and you believe that you have a good defence, you should still respond to the summons against you. Here is why:

  • If you have received a summons by proper service (i.e. by hand, registered post, etc.) the Plaintiff’s lawyer may seek a judgment-in-default against you at court if you should fail to turn up.
  • If you have been prosecuted by the authorities for an alleged offence, it will be quite normal for people to want to distance themselves from you (as things get worse). You need to find witnesses for your defence.
  • Your out-of-court settlement (if you should choose to settle) should be based on an informed opinion of what you think your chances are, and how long it will take to settle it in court.
  • As the English saying goes, “nip it in the bud”. You will be better off filing a defence at an early stage than trying to set aside a Judgment-in-Default (when they are trying to enforce the judgment).

Above All Else….

Where legal matters are concerned, do remember the following:

  • The legal system in Malaysia allows you to appeal to a court of higher jurisdiction if you believe that your case has not been fairly judged. However, there is a time limit for the appeal, and you may need to seek leave from the court to appeal.
  • Many folks have some rudimentary knowledge about the law and believe that they can fight their own case. However, do remember that ” a little learning is a dangerous thing” — and some mistakes, once made, cannot be unmade.
  • If you already have a lawyer on record, we can give you a second opinion, but your lawyer holds a liens on the file until you have fully settled your debts with the said lawyer. Your lawyer can object to a change of solicitors.
  • Even if you are already in the middle of a court case, it is still very possible to negotiate a settlement.

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我们所有的服务 敝事务所开业至今已有超过两个世纪的经验。实践范围包括物业转易法,刑法,劳动法,家庭法,商业法,合伙企业和公司法, 伊斯兰法和知识产权法。欢迎向我我们咨询或了解更多您有兴趣的法律范围。我们也许不会负责您的案件,但我们绝对能给予您适宜完善的意见。关于我们的意见,我们会向客户收取一些咨询费。 若您是有意到访敝公司谘询,寻求第二意见或要求非正式会面,请注意

  • 我们需要确认您的身份,因此请记得携带您的身份证,护照,或其他证明身份的文件。
  • 我们需要一切关于您的案件的文件,包括警方报告,法庭文件,及其他相关文件。
  • 请放心,一切关于您的资料将会在律师与委托人之间保持隐私和机密。
  • 我们并不允许教唆或协助您犯案,包括非法处置证据或捏造证据。
  • 然而,我们会给予您完善的意见以便您做出最明智的决定。



  • 根据限制条例 “the Limitation Act” 规定, 您的诉讼原因可能会在一段时间过后失去时效。
  • 即使您的诉讼原因没有失去时效, 您也有可能因为耽误您的诉讼而面对法庭宣告懈怠罪从而导致您失去诉讼资格。
  • 许多证人也往往在一段时间后忘记案件的重要情节。
  • 此外,证据也有可能会遗失或损坏若您没有及时获取或纪录该证据。
  • 正如一句英文谚语:”一针及时省九针”, 请及时行动以避免不必要的麻烦。



  • 若该传票是通过正当手法发出的(面对面递交,邮寄, 等等)原告律师有权向法庭对您的不回应申请缺席判决。
  • 若您是被指控犯下罪行, 人们可能会对您保持距离(随着事态的进一步恶化)。因此, 您必需为您的辩护找寻证人。
  • 您的庭外和解(若您选择庭外和解),应基于您案件的成功几率及若上法庭所需要的时间。
  • 正如一句谚语:”防患于未然”。 显然的,提交辩护总比要求搁置缺席判决(当对方试图强制执行判决)来得容易。


  • 马来西亚的法律制度之下,您有权向更高的司法庭上诉若您觉得您的案件并没有得到公平合理的判决然而,同样的,上诉也是有时间限制,因此您可能需要得到法庭准许延长上诉期限。
  • 如今的社会,许多人因自己有一些关于法律的基本知识从而觉得自己有能力对抗自己的案件。然而,“一知半解是最危险的” - 因为错误一旦铸成,是不能撤消的。
  • 若您已有自己的惯用的律师,您仍能向我们咨询第二意见,但最终文件留置权是在该律师手上直到您付清之间的帐务。该律师亦有权利更换您的第二律师。
  • 此外,尽管您的案件正在被法庭审判中,您仍能与对方谈判解决之间的纠纷。

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