How to set up a small stall business?

It is Monday Morning.

Cik Fathin wanted to buy “Nasi Lemak” at a stall nearby her office. While buying “Nasi Lemak”, the makcik at the stall asks her: “Anak kerja apa?”

“Oh saya lawyer makcik.” She smiled at the makcik.

“Makcik nak tanya sikit boleh? Makcik dah lama meniaga sini nak, makcik berminat nak daftar perniagaan makcik ni.”

A small roadside stall

A small roadside stall

“Boleh makcik. Makcik nak daftar perniagaan nasi lemak makcik la ye. Senang saja makcik.” Then Fathin sat down with Makcik at the stall.

“Makcik boleh daftarkan perniagaan makcik sebagai Pemilikan Tunggal. Maksudnya disini, perniagaan tu hanya milik makcik seorang. Makcik hanya perlu isi borang sahaja.”

“Oh macam itu. Free je kan anak?”

“Eh tidak makcik. Makcik perlu membuat bayaran RM30 untuk yuran. Tapi yang bagusnya Makcik, yuran ini dibayar untuk RM30 setahun.”

“Oh, macam itu ya nak. Kalau macam tu, macam mana makcik boleh daftar perniagaan makcik ni?”

“Makcik boleh pergi ke kaunter Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia di cawangan terdekat. Makcik boleh dapatkan borang di sana. Atau pun makcik boleh minta Pegawai di sana membantu makcik.”

“Okay terima kasih ye anak, tolong makcik. Makcik tak sabar nak daftarkan perniagaan makcik ni”


Cik Fathin paid makcik for the Nasi Lemak and went back to her office.

Why Set Up A Small Business Legally?

In Malaysia, we can see at every street corner, an old lady (sometimes even youngsters!) selling Nasi Lemak. She just set up the tent at the corner street, put the table and there you go. People will come often if the Nasi Lemak is good. As a Malaysian, I can say that Nasi Lemak is a must have for my breakfast. In fact, many Malaysians love to have Nasi Lemak for their breakfast.

But do we know that some hawkers do not have licenses? They may think setting up the stall legally may cost them more. Instead, they choose to set up the stall illegally at the corner of the street. They may encounter a problem with an officer who comes to check whether they have a licence. If they are lucky, they can escape from being fined.

With only RM30, they can register their business at Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (Companies Commission of Malaysia). They can choose either to set up a sole proprietorship or partnership or a company (to market their Nasi Lemak). It is easy right? They need not to worry because they can get Business Registration Certificate on the same day (within an hour!)



This blog piece was prepared by Ms. Nurul Atiqah binti Badrul Hisham, who is undergoing her pupillage at Messrs. Koo Chin Nam & Co.

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