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Q: I have been sued. What should I do?

A: Please calm down. People get sued every day. The most important thing is to engage a law firm to help you prepare your defence. Collect as much information you can about the court case — Who is suing you, for how much, and for what reason. Try to jot down the list of events that led to the incident. Finally, contact a law firm that can help you.

Q: Who do you recommend to handle court matters?

A: We usually recommend our law firm. If you already have a lawyer on record, we usually recommend that you stick with the lawyer that you have. We can provide a second opinion or an assessment if you require it. Sometimes clients seek an independent legal opinion to gain a second view of the legal issued involved.

Q: Can you help me to sue somebody?

A: Yes, we can if we think that you have a case. The most important point for any would-be litigant is that he requires locus standi. This means, you should be connected to the case to be able to sue. For example, Miss X has been slapped by a stranger, Miss Y, at the bus stop. Miss X has locus standi against Miss Y. Miss X’s sister, who was with her at the bus stop, does not have locus standi against Miss Y — unless Miss X happens to be physically incapacitated, or underage, in which case Miss X’s sister has locus standi as a legal representative.

Q: Can you help me with my property transaction?

A: Yes we can. We have a conveyancing department that can handle sale and purchase agreements, tenancies, leases, wills, trusts, wills, transmission, et cetera. For foreigners who wish to purchase property in Malaysia, you may have to follow the Foreign Investment Committee guidelines.

Q: How will I be charged?

A: For conveyancing transactions, you will be billed according to the Solicitors Remuneration Order 2005. For court cases, you will be billed according to the complexity of the work, the time taken up, and the value of the work. For all other matters, call us for an appointment.

Q: How do you compare with professional will-writing companies in will-writing?

A: Before professional will-writing companies came on the Malaysian scene, most people relied on law firms to write their wills. Some will-writing companies (and some insurance companies) claim that they are more specialized and hence more knowledgeable than lawyers about will-writing. A good law firms can customize the will for your needs, rather than using a “template”. Remember also that law firms can help represent you in obtaining grant of probate or letters of administration.

Q: Where are your offices?

A: We have two offices, both located in Kuala Lumpur, the busy bustling capital of Malaysia. Our main office is in Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur, whereas our branch office is in Bandar Manjalara, Kepong. Click here for our telephone numbers and addresses.

Q: Do you handle family law matters?

A: Yes, as a matter of fact our firm handles family law matters such as divorces, child custody, adoptions, division of deceased’s estate by probate or letters of administration, wills, et cetera.

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提问: 如果我被别人起诉,我应该怎么做?

回答: 别担心,这个世界上,每天都有人被起诉的。您的首要任务就是找一间法律事务所帮助您的辩护。请尽可能的搜集一切关于案件的资料,如:谁是原告?对方要求多少赔偿金?以及起诉原因。请记录下导致该诉讼的事故并找一间信赖的法律事务所帮助您。

提问: 谁可以帮我处理此事?

回答: 我们通常会推荐我们的律师事务所。但若您已有了惯用律师,我们通常建议您雇用回您的惯用律师。如果您需要,我们可以提供第二意见或评估。因有些客户想要寻求独立法律意见,以获得不同角度的第二个观点。

提问: 你们能帮我起诉别人吗?

回答: 是的,我们可以,如在我们觉得您有这个需要以及您符合条件的情况之下。最重要的一点是,您得符合出庭资格。这意味着,您得与该案件有一定的关联。例如,X小姐被一个陌生人,Y小姐在公车站打了一巴掌。显然的, X小姐符合诉讼资格, 可控告Y小姐. 然而,X小姐的姐姐(事件的目击者),并没有控告Y小姐诉讼资格,除非X小姐是残障人士,或是未成年人,那X小姐的姐姐就有诉讼资格, 即法定代表人。

提问: 你们能帮助我处理产业交易吗?

回答: 是的,我们能。我们有一个财产转让部门,可以帮助您处理买卖协议,租约,租赁,遗嘱,信托,财产转让,等等。对于希望在马来西亚购买房产的外国人,您得符合外国投资委员会的指导方针。

提问: 请问你们的收费是如何呢?

回答: 关于产业交易, 收费是根据律师薪资令2005”the Solicitors Remuneration Order 2005”。而法院案件,费用则是根据工作的复杂程度,占用的时间和工作的价值。若想咨询其他的收费,欢迎致电预约。

提问: 专业遗嘱写作公司与法律事务所的分别。

回答:在专业遗嘱写作公司来到马来西亚之前,大部分人依靠律师事务所编写他们的遗嘱。有些遗嘱写作公司(和一些保险公司)声称,他们更专业,并且比一般的律师更知识渊博。然而, 一个好的律师事务所可以根据客户的要求与需要,为客户量身定做一份合适的遗嘱,而不是使用笼统的“模板”。也请记住,律师事务所亦可作为代表帮助您获得遗嘱认证书或遗产管理书。

提问: 请问你们的办公室位于?

回答: 我们有两个办事处,均位于吉隆坡(马来西亚忙碌繁华的首都)。我们的主要办公室位于甘榜亞答 “Kampung Attap”,而我们的分行则是在甲洞 孟加拉拉。请点击这里查看我们的电话号码和完整地址。

提问: 请问你们有处理家庭法律事务吗?

回答: 是的,律师事务所处理家庭法律事务,如离婚,子女监护权,收养权,通过遗嘱认证书或遗产管理书分配死者家产,等等。

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