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For prospective clients

  1. We thank you for your interest in our firm. Rest assured that we shall not abuse the confidence that you place in us.
  2. As lawyers, we stand by the code of conduct of the legal profession. We have to uphold the dignity of the profession at all times. (Rule 31, Legal Profession (Practice & Etiquette) Rules 1978.)
  3. All information given by you to our firm is kept confidential as part of solicitor and client communication. (Rule 35, Legal Profession (Practice & Etiquette) Rules 1978).
  4. We are tasked with upholding the interest of our clients, the interest of justice, and the dignity of the legal profession. (Rule 16, Legal Profession (Practice & Etiquette) Rules 1978.)
  5. Please contact us by using the form on this page.
  6. For more detailed queries, contact us through our Contact Us page.
  7. Please read our FAQ page to see if your question has been answered. If you can’t find the answer, or you are not satisfied with the answer, use the form to contact us!

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For job seekers: We are hiring!

  1. We are seeking bright, reliable and hardworking staff. If this sounds like you, we are interested.
  2. Our hours are reasonable (10am to 6pm on Weekdays) and we do not expect our staff to work late into the night. Singles (bachelors & bachelorettes) work half-day on Saturdays.
  3. If you are looking for a job where you can grow and learn but want to work “normal hours”, please apply to our firm! We don’t believe in working at the office at night.
  4. Please send your resume by e-mail or post it in.
  5. We believe in long-term employment. Some of our staff have been with us for many years!

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For everybody else

  1. Please, through our site and send us your queries! We like to be contacted.
  2. We are not in the habit of giving away free advice, but we will attend to your queries (within reasonable limits).
  3. To avoid identity theft, some matters must be done in person.

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Thank you once again.

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